Rachael is a former University lecturer in Teacher Education, Prison Education Manager and School Teacher. She now works as the Managing Director of MAPSS, focusing on Teacher PLD, Evaluation and Research, Online Language Teaching and Assessment, Digital Technologies including App Development and Board Directorships. Rachael is also a New School Build Governance Facilitator, which involves supporting Boards of Trustees through the New School Build Process. Rachael is a fluent speaker of Te Reo Māori.


Malesala is a former Alternative Education Tutor, Youth Worker for the New Zealand Police and Cultural Advisor within the Health and Youth Justice Sectors. He now works as Co-Director of MAPSS, focusing on Pasifika Cultural Workshops, Cultural Assessments, Sāmoan Language Translations, and 1:1 Cultural Supervision. Malesala is a native speaker of Sāmoan.


Kimiora is an Online Language Tutor, Multilingual Translator and Transcriptionist. She is a former adult education Tutor of Samoan, and is a fluent speaker of Te Reo Māori and Gagana Sāmoa.


Amorangi is an Online Language Tutor for Te Reo Maori, and a fluent speaker of both Te Reo Māori and Gagana Sāmoa. She is also a SportFit Assistant and High Performance Athlete in Netball.


Patrick is a Youth Mentor and Co-ordinator of SportFit, an in school Sports Leadership Programme, focusing on skills, fitness and getting more young people in to sport. Patrick is a Super Heavyweight Boxer and Commonwealth Games Medalist.


Iulieta is our Virtual Assistant. She was formerly a Customer Services Representative with Work and Income New Zealand, and before this she was a Secondary School Teaching Assistant working closely with second language learners of English. Iulieta is a native speaker of Sāmoan.


Uenuku is a SportFit Assistant and a High Performance Athlete in Rugby League. He also assists the team with Quality Checking (QC) of translated scripts in Te Reo Māori.